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Drug Target Pathways

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Vedicinals® 9 : The Composition for management of COVID-19 & Preventing LONG COVID

At the early stage of the COVID-19 pandemic Vedicinals’s research teams started detailed meta-analysis of past studies of various therapeutic molecules, computational docking studies and also developed a scientific rationale that would ensure the best possible outcomes leading to a COVID-19 therapeutic formulation.

The observation that COVID-19 is a multi -systemic condition with various degrees of disease severity and affects various body regions, with little influence on which state of disease progression therapeutic intervention was initiated added intense complexity to the tasks of developing a truly effective therapeutic.

However, we circumvented all obstacles by developing a strategy that focused on addressing the various identified desired drug target pathways.

This identified list of confirmed and possible drug target pathways was then used as a multiple selection criteria for the most potent molecules, in most cases each molecule covering multiple target pathways.

The initially identified 612 plus molecule candidates were then submitted to an advanced selection process that would take several additional criteria into consideration, like: past experience and data on potency, side effects, drug interactions bioavailability, synergies between the combined compounds,
large scale availability of raw materials in the region and many other important criteria.

Most of our extensive research work was based on available global meta-analysis of existing in vivo human and animal studies, as well as cell culture studies and access to critical published data.

This formed the basis for further preclinical, toxicity, and human clinical trial evaluations that confirmed all previous research with excellent treatment outcomes.

The Composition for management of COVID-19 & Preventing LONG COVID

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