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VEDICINALS® 9 Randomized Human Clinical Trial

The findings of the retrospective randomized clinical study demonstrate a promising role of VEDICINALS® 9 as an adjuvant to SOC therapy for COVID-19. It was found to help curtailing symptoms, preventing disease progression and strengthening the natural defences of the human host and also was found to aid in various post COVID-19 secondary complication.

Specially for the symptoms  of fever, dry cough, dyspnoea, headache, diarrhoea and weakness, reduction of viral load and the recovery time for the treated patients was significant shorter in comparison to the standard treatment. In addition, post COVID-19 secondary complication like Cardiovascular, Neurological, Pulmonary, Renal, Myocardial, Hepatic and Pancreatic were attenuated in the adjuvant to SOC treated patients in comparison to the standard treatment alone. (Please refer to detailed paper for more details)

Elevated Ferritin and Prothrombin levels in tests point towards an issue in blood coagulation, an abnormality that is significant in view of severe COVID-19 infection. VEDICINALS® 9 has significantly improved the ferritin levels and prothrombin time in randomized clinical trial.

In most COVID-19 patients, elevated IL-6 and CRP levels indicate severe inflammation in the body and are associated with mortality risk. VEDICINALS® 9 has significantly decreased IL-6 and CRP levels in this randomized clinical trial.

Biomarkers such as SGPT, Creatinine, Albumin, CPR, Troponin, etc check for tissue damage of vital body organs including liver, kidney, and heart. VEDICINALS® 9 has demonstrated to significantly protect these vital organs from damage in the randomized clinical trial.

Apart from these specific tests, the complete blood count (CBC) test gives a complete picture of blood and any significant rise or fall in the critical blood-related numbers. VEDICINALS® 9 has resorted the altered biochemistry and maintained the CBC to normal levels in the randomized clinical trial.

Reduced white blood cell count (lymphopenia), increase in neutrophils (neutrophilia), elevated levels of liver enzymes ALT and AST, CRP, and ferritin levels have been associated with greater disease severity and hospitalization in COVID-19 patients, which in turn has been managed and reversed by VEDICINALS® 9 with reduced hospitalization or early discharge.

A raised serum C-reactive protein (CRP) level had been observed in most people with COVID-19. In fact, people presenting with severe pneumonia had high CRP levels. As per studies published, CRP levels along with X-Ray can be used in the early diagnosis of pneumonia. VEDICINALS® 9 has shown remarkable lung tissue repair  as seen in the X-Ray outcomes along with reduced CRP levels in the randomized clinical trial.

When compared to non-ICU patients, lymphopenia (reduced levels of white blood cells) was more common in ICU patients. VEDICINALS® 9 was found to not only prevented lymphoenia conditions from arising but also prevented severe disease progression.

Human Clinical Trials

Final Report

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Lung X-Ray results, Viral Clearance Time, CRP, Total Antibody, iL-6, D-Dimer


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Biomarkers, Viral clearance & X-Ray table

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