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It is observed that about 25-50% of patients in recent times are developing what is called the Post-Covid Syndrome. The patient doesn\’t fully recover and continues to show many signs and symptoms, including fatigue, breathing difficulties, and mental fog. Loss of smell and taste, among others, makes it difficult for them to live a normal life again. This large and growing portion group has very few treatment options. Hence, here is the captivating story of how two entrepreneurs were able to beat Covid conditions with their dedication and courage.

\’Vedicinals 9\’ is a new product developed by a start-up company \’Vedicinals India Private Limited\’. \”We started out to develop remedies to aid post covid symptoms and ended up with one of the best solutions for so-called long haulers,\” says Joachim Gerlach, the German Chairman of Vedicinals India.


In 2014, Joachim Gerlach set up the Vitalis foundation in Spain to address the substantial rise in chronic illnesses caused by pollution (Air, water, soil) and nutrient deficiency, aligned with the Sustainable Development Goal 3

(SDG 3). By advising and facilitating projects on organic food production, and agriculture sustainability, as well as extensive research on plant-based medicines, Vitalis Foundation was able to build a large, global network of scientists. Simultaneously the Green Industry Group GmbH was established to deal with excessive energy consumption as well as reforestation projects.

Indian business partner, Prakash Salunke, and Joachim Gerlach have known each other for some time because they both were working on sustainability projects. Upon hearing the terrible news from China in January 2020, all scientists dropped everything they had been working on to focus on this novel Coronavirus. Hence, Indian- German Biotech, AKA \”Vedicinals India Private Limited\” was established with the sole purpose of exploring and developing therapeutic solutions to this pandemic.

In order to transform the German Technology into a clinically proven product with approvals from PSSAI as FSMP – Covid 19, Prakash Salunke teamed up with the best possible partners and companies from India. Therefore, \’Vedicinals 9\’ was designed in Germany and manufactured in India. Throughout the operation, two partners, Joachim Gerlach and Prakash Salunke, worked essentially round the clock with both foreign and Indian partners. Selecting and combining 9 molecules from 8000 existing compounds is a major achievement for exploiting synergies between molecules and covering key mechanisms. Developing plant extracts formulations using pharmaceutical methods and combining the best of both worlds has paid off for the teams and patients. Broad band approach Covid 19 is more than a viral infection, and the suffering does not end with tests that are negative.

According to experts and researchers worldwide, patients have ongoing and long-term issues with their vital organs. Therefore, Vedicinals biotech has published a variety of health conditions and research papers supporting the efficacy of their molecules on their company’s website.


It was found very safe for 28 days of repeat dose trials with Vedicinals 9 in animals as well as for 14 days* regular dose with 124 covid\’19 positive patients in clinical trials. Vedicinals 9 were combined with ICMRs Standard treatment protocol to conduct the Human clinical trial, which proved beneficial and effective. Covid Positive patients taking Vedicinals 9 along with the standard treatment showed faster recovery, and lesser post-covid side effects. Feed- back from customers / patients who used Vedicinals 9 for post-covid problems also indicated that it was effective. The results of the cardiovascular and heart tests on animals were confirmed by another study, and the result from the human trial was also satisfying.


As the molecules are sourced and concentrated from natural/food ingredients, Vedicinals 9 was approved initially by FSSAI as Nutraceutical, and after evaluating the human clinical trial results, it was upgraded as FSMP-Covid 19 (Food for Special Medical Purpose). Indian trademarks have been registered and applications have been filed in

many other countries. The Indian Patent is also filed with the PCT for international protection.


It plans to collaborate and out license Vedicinals 9, to cater to positive responses and inquiries from abroad. In order to combat the current global pandemic, we must unite our efforts. A rightly stated observation is that now is not the time for conflicts among various parts of medicine. A discussion of whether to use traditional herbal medicine or modern medicine shouldn\’t take place. They will need to utilize every available resource in this battle because of the increasing severity of the newly emerging variants. Thus, the current combination of pharmaceuticals, vitamins, supplements, and multiple vaccination strategies should be adapted and explored further.\” Shares Joachim Gerlach. \’\”Everyone should follow the guidelines of COVID 19. Being Vigilant and early Testing /detection of Infection gives time and chance to doctors and hospitals to treat. Our teams are continuing their efforts in assisting and helping wherever possible. There will be no competition, only alliances!\” Shares Prakash Salunke.

Moreover, the company aims to provide a safe and effective product that reduces severe cases to end users in conjunction with leading pharmaceutical companies. As a company, it aims to serve as a link between traditional methods and modern allopathic medicine. Additionally developing additional formulations to strengthen Vedicinals 9 is important as well. Another agenda of the company is to expand its sustainability development

projects in India and other countries that show interest.

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