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VEDICINALS® 9 is a unique scientifically researched phytopharmaceutical based therapeutic suspension that consist of nine bioactive compounds whose molecules have a track record of possessing various antiviral, anti-inflammatory, immune modulatory, anti-pyretic and analgesic properties, all with hundreds of supporting studies published in well-known credible peer reviewed scientific and medical journals.

Vitro studies, detailed animal vivo studies followed before culminating in registered randomized clinical trials for its use as an adjuvant to SOC to treat the COVID-19 disease alongside approved standard treatment protocols. The results from the various studies and even from new constant emerging data, shows that VEDICINALS® 9 is an upcoming therapeutic to help not only with the current COVID-19 pandemic but also in the long term health conditions associated with Long COVID.

The product took months of intense research starting from computational silico studies to carefully isolate the suitable potential bioactive molecules; to special formulation and blending studies to ensure safety and also to harness the potential of the selected molecules working synergically to enhance each others’ biological properties.

The retrospective randomized clinical study demonstrates a potential promising role of VEDICINALS® 9 as adjuvant to SOC therapy on the evolution of symptomatology, strengthen the natural defences to COVID-19 patients and in post COVID-19 secondary complication. Specially for the symptoms fever, dry cough, dyspnoea, headache, diarrhoea and weakness, reduction of viral load and the recovery time for the treated patients was significant shorter in comparison to the standard treatment.

In addition, post COVID-19 secondary complication like Cardiovascular, Neurological, Pulmonary, Renal, Myocardial, Hepatic and Pancreatic were attenuated in the adjuvant to SOC treated patients in comparison to the standard treatment alone. For more details, please see the white paper.

Vedicinals Studies and Whitepaper

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