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Vedicinals® 9

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The Product – VEDICINALS® 9

VEDICINALS® 9 is a unique scientifically researched phytopharmaceutical based therapeutic suspension that consist of nine bioactive compounds whose molecules have a track record of possessing various antiviral, anti-inflammatory, immune modulatory, anti-pyretic and analgesic properties, all with hundreds of supporting studies published in well-known credible peer reviewed scientific and medical journals.

The product took months of intense research starting from computational silico studies to carefully isolate the suitable potential bioactive molecules; to special formulation and blending studies to ensure safety and also to harness the potential of the selected molecules working synergically to enhance each others’ biological properties.

Vitro studies, detailed animal vivo studies followed before culminating in registered randomized clinical trials for its use as an adjuvant to SOC to treat the COVID-19 disease alongside approved standard treatment protocols. The results from the various studies and even from new constant emerging data, shows that VEDICINALS® 9 is an upcoming therapeutic to help not only with the current COVID-19 pandemic but also in the long term health conditions associated with Long COVID.

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The retrospective randomized clinical study demonstrates a potential promising role of VEDICINALS® 9 as adjuvant to SOC therapy on the evolution of symptomatology, strengthen the natural defences to COVID-19 patients and in post COVID-19 secondary complication. Specially for the symptoms fever, dry cough, dyspnoea, headache, diarrhoea and weakness, reduction of viral load and the recovery time for the treated patients was significant shorter in comparison to the standard treatment.

In addition, post COVID-19 secondary complication like Cardiovascular, Neurological, Pulmonary, Renal, Myocardial, Hepatic and Pancreatic were attenuated in the adjuvant to SOC treated patients in comparison to the standard treatment alone. For more details, please see the white paper.

VEDICINALS® 9 – Safety Study

Summary of Acute Toxicity Study

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Summary of 28 days repeat dose toxicity Study

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Cardioprotective Effects on Myocardial Infarction

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Heavy Metal Analysis

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VEDICINALS® 9 – Clinical Trial Study

Clinical Development

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Clinical Development Graphs

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VEDICINALS® 9 – Whitepaper​

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VEDICINALS® 9 has been approved as a food supplement cum Nutraceutical, FSMP by the Food Safety And Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) and as a result of extreme positive findings from a completed randomized clinical trial for its use as an adjuvant alongside standard treatment protocols for the treatment of mild and moderate COVID-19 hospitalized patients, it is being registered as a medical/pharmaceutical product.

VEDICINALS® 9 will also be going for filing for regulatory approvals in a number of countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, Canada, United States, Germany, Japan, Argentina, Brazil and Columbia in coming weeks.

VEDICINALS® 9 has gone thru stringent safety studies and protocols including animal studies. Although we highly recommend using it under the supervision of a licensed medical doctor, it is safe enough for an individual who suspect that they might already been infected with the SARS-CoV-2 or have tested positive for COVID-19 to immediately start taking the therapeutic suspensions as per dosing instructions found on the accompanying product leaflet.

Clinical trial data confirmed the prophylactic role of Vedicinals 9 on preventing Long Covid conditions.

Both factors, like arresting disease progression, as well as tissue regeneration could be documented.

As VEDICINALS®️ 9 is mainly designed to block human cells against virus entry,as well as interrupting the replication within the cells, we are confident that newly occurring variants can be stopped equally well, like in our last human clinical trials.
Additionally our scientists are constantly checking the efficacy against all upcoming variants.

As in general Covid19 conditions causes a decrease in zinc-serum levels,
past trials found it beneficial to add FSSAI recommended daily dosage of zinc supplementation.

Presently in India VEDICINALS®️ 9 is available online through our website as long as stock lasts. We are also exploring distribution partners and trying to make VEDICINALS®️ 9 available with leading pharmacies, clinics and certain hospitals throughout India. For exports we are going to start soon with countries Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, Canada, United States, Germany, Japan, Argentina, Brazil and Columbia and expand worldwide. Please contact us on email exportsvedicinals@gmail.com for overseas market along with your detailed profile and country / region of interest.

Yes, after you have purchased VEDICINALS®️ 9 , Please email / whats'app us with your invoice number. We are also working on and soon we will issue/send you a code/ link to sign-in to our existing customer’s sub-domain where there is a forum for all other customers to share their feedback and also a live chat area to seek any advice related to VEDICINALS®️ 9 only. We are also planning a CRM module where existing customers can also benefit from a wide variety of discounts and promotions related to the healthcare industry.

The recommended dosing is 25 mL (Half Bottle) 2x times per day, in total 50 mL per day for an Adult.

VEDICINALS® 9 suspension is best taken immediately after meals. If possible, please have minimum of 1 tablespoon of rice in meal.

Viral infections and antibiotics damage the gut micribiome. Ingesting prebiotics before meal helps balance gut microbiome and aids in metabolization of the food and VEDICINALS® 9 suspension. Fresh Curd or pre-packed probiotics available at pharmacies are best recommended.

Presently we claim that is has a shelf life of 18 months. The formulation was developed and manufactured at  a GMP approved site and present evaluation has showed stability and this study  will continue till 24 months.