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VEDICINALS® 9 White Paper


The following white paper details the 9 bioactive molecules used in formulating VEDICINALS® 9 including their properties, meta-analysis of past published studies and their specified drug targets and along with the manners that they individually rectify the disruptions in various human host cellular pathways caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. (To date more than 71 pathways are identified in this paper and more are still being investigated.)

All relevant references to available publications with regards to all detail all the interactive mechanisms between the single compounds, viral proteases as well as the host organisms are included.

This process of confirming each single pathway with biomarker and data collection resulting from clinical trials with the combined formulation of all 9 compounds is still ongoing as there are a high number of drug target pathways.

This white paper will be continuously updated.

VEDICINALS® 9 – Whitepaper​

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