VEDICINALS®  is a German-Indian biotech company incorporated in Pune, India that is proud to introduce a new innovative therapeutic product that is clinically proven and extensively researched to serve as an adjuvant to SOC to treat COVID-19.

The early alliance with Tirupati Life Sciences was the key to the professional development of this therapeutic formulation.

The combined efforts of Vedicinals India Pvt Ltd’s scientific international development teams and the long lasting experience of Tirupati Life Sciences in practical formulation, quality control and production lead to this highly efficient and safe therapeutic product.

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VEDICINALS® main mission is to deliver safe and effective scientific tested phytopharmaceutical therapeutic solutions to help treat medical conditions arising from problems that the world is plagued by these days including pathogen based pandemics, health issues arising from the intake of processed foods, effects of pesticide usage and other environmental toxins, impact of modern day technology and also medical conditions associated with evolving lifestyles.

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